Jan. 14th event: Gluten Free tour at Whole Foods in Mill Valley

Have you been curious about trying a new gluten free product or doing a side by side taste test?
Tired of wasting money by buying a new gluten free item only to take a bite and deciding it wasn’t for you?
Wondering which gluten free bread is the best one for sandwiches or morning toast?
Need some suggestions for navigating a new gluten free diet?
Feeling like you eat the same things all the time?
Ever wonder which of the pre-made chickens are gluten free?

Come join us for a gluten free tour of Whole Foods, E. Blithedale in Mill Valley. We will be tasting and sampling many of the gluten free products in the store aisles and in the prepared food section. If you have a special interest or something that you would like to try, please let us know ahead of time.

Free event.

Tues. Jan. 14 at 10am

Whole Foods 731 E. Blithedale in Mill Valley, CA


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