Canker Sores, Grooves on Your Teeth or Gum Recession? Mouth Symptoms Can Indicate Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease

Many people, including dentists, are surprised to learn that gluten intolerance, including celiac disease, can manifest with symptoms in the mouth such as:

Tooth enamel defects, such as pitting, yellowing, calcification, grooves
Canker sores or ulcers
• Misshapen teeth
Gum recession
• Infections

Come learn more about how problems in the teeth and mouth of children and adults can be indications of gluten intolerance, including celiac disease, at our next meeting on Monday, April 16th.

Our speaker will be Micheal Lipelt, DDS , ND, L.Ac.  In addition to a degree in dentistry from University of the Pacific, Dr. Lipelt is trained as a naturopath and dental acupuncturist.  Dr. Lipelt is the founder of Stillpoint Family Health Service in Sebastopol.

Dr. Lipelt will discuss how gluten sensitivity and celiac disease can affect the mouth and teeth, and also explore common dental procedures, their impact on gut and overall health, and lab tests which use the oral cavity as a specimen source, one of which is testing for gliadin antibodies.



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