Next Meeting Feb. 6th: What Does a “Gluten Free” Label Really Mean?

Products labeled “gluten free” fill supermarket shelves in ever increasing numbers.  But the lack of standardized labeling laws means that shoppers cannot be sure of what exactly the label “gluten free” means.
At our next meeting on Monday, February 6, explore the issues connected to shopping for and producing gluten free packaged foods.


One of the hottest gluten free products showing up in bay area stores are gluten free potstickers from Feel Good Foods. We are delighted that Feel Good Foods will be with us on February 6 to share samples of their delicious product!

Feel Good will be part of a panel of vendors discussing the producer’s side of gluten free labeling. Other vendors will include Attune, Kind Bars and The Inspired Cookie.  Each of these generous vendors will be sharing samples of their products at our meeting.  Please come, find out more about them and show your support for their efforts to meet the needs of gluten free shoppers.


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