I’m Gluten Free, But…My Digestion is Still Not Right

October 11th at 7pm

Are you still experiencing digestive issues even though you have eliminated gluten from your diet?

Perhaps you had some immediate relief from symptoms after going gluten free, but after a few Digestive Discomfortweeks or months you noticed that some symptoms persist even without gluten in your diet.  Or maybe test results clearly indicated that gluten is a culprit in your ill health but eliminating it has not provided the relief from digestive symptoms you hoped for.

Dr. Peter Green author of Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic and director of the Columbia Celiac Center has noted that “most of the patients we see are not here to get a diagnosis, they are here because they know gluten is the problem, but yet, they still feel sick.”

The complexities of the digestive system mean that for people with gluten intolerance sometimes eliminating gluten is not the only step necessary to recover digestive health.*

At our next meeting on October 11, Certified Nutritionist Sheila Wagner will talk about digestive function, how untreated gluten intolerance can compromise it, various conditions that can prevent full digestive healing and what one can do–in addition to eliminating gluten–in order to optimize digestive function.

Our meetings are held at 7 pm in the community room at the Town Center:

770 Tamalpais Dr.

Suite 201

Corte Madera 94925

Take the stairs or elevator near the AT&T store.

Our meetings are free.  Please consider a donation of $5 or more to cover the costs of renting the meeting room, printing handouts, etc.

Please feel free to print out the flyer below or email it to friends to share the info about the meeting.  Thank you!



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