Next Meeting: August 9th at 7pm

Gluten Free Resource Exchange

What is the “go to” resource that you turn to for supporting your gluten free life? Perhaps it is a book you read when you first were diagnosed. Or maybe it is doctor or other medical professional who has stuck by you through a difficult diagnostic process. You might read –or even write– a blog that connects you with scores of other people living gluten free. Or maybe you have a favorite appliance that makes cooking gluten free easier. Is there a product on your grocery store shelf that you buy and use regularly? Or a restaurant that “gets it” which you frequent? Perhaps your resource is a friend–who eats gluten free or not–someone who listens well, understands the challenges you face and always makes you feel welcome at the table despite your diet restrictions.

At our next meeting we invite you to share the resources you’ve discovered and depend on to make living gluten free work for you. We will open up the floor to exchange our experiences so that each person will leave this meeting with lots of new ideas. You are encouraged to bring along your resource–be it a book, a recipe, a product, or even a person!


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