December meeting: Gluten Free Holidays with Rebecca Katz

Learn helpful and healthful tips for enjoying Gluten Free Holidays Bring a dish to share (or, if you can’t, come anyway!) Rebecca Katz will share gluten-free recipes and concepts from The Healthy Mind Cookbook.  Katz is the founder and director of the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal, dedicated to transforming lives through nutritional science and culinary … Continue reading

Book Passage Talk and Book Signing with Author, Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.

Autoimmune Disease  and the Food We Eat –  What’s the Connection? The Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin is proud to join Marin’s pre-eminent independent bookstore, Book Passage, to present medical scientist, blogger, and podcaster Sarah Ballantyne, PhD.  Dr. Ballantyne has just published The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body, the most comprehensive resource to … Continue reading

Feb. 4th meeting: Gluten and Autoimmune Disease — What’s the Connection?

Gluten can trigger many autoimmune conditions: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Grave’s Disease Multiple Sclerosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Lupus Vitiligo Diabetes Alzheimer’s Disease and others  Find out more at the Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin’s meeting featuring Dr. David Lepp of The Bay Area Autoimmune and Thyroid Center.   Learn how gluten can trigger autoimmune disease–and how removing it … Continue reading